Local Information

GUtech Campus


The GUtech campus consists of one main building, two student dormitories and a university guest house. There is a small supermarket on campus, a cafeteria that serves lunch and dinner, and some indoor sports facilities.

The conference will be held in one of the seminar rooms on the first floor (which is the main level, ground floor is more like a basement) near the main entrance stairs. The AIT Department is located in the NE corner on the 4th floor.


Many shops and restaurants accept credit cards, and there are many ATMs in town where you could get cash. However, there is no ATM on or near the GUtech campus.


Oman Climate

Average temperatures in Febuary are 17-23 degree Celcius, nights in the desert and on the mountains can be quite cold. It will not rain.

Oman is a very liberal country, but foreigners should obey a few simple rules for their clothing, see for example this dress code. Alcohol is available in big hotels and night clubs. You can also bring two liters of wine into the country (there is a duty-free shop at Muscat Airport right before you pick up your luggage with a decent selection of wines from all over the world).

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