Last Minute Visitors

Due to generous sponsorship, all guests are welcome to attend the workshop without registration fee.


To register for FPT-Oman 2013, please send an email to Prof Rudolf Fleischer ( with the following information:

Registration Fees

Before 10 January 2013:

30 OMR for the first two days on campus, this includes coffee breaks, the excursion and the conference banquet.

Approximately 110 OMR for the desert camp tour, this includes transport, accommodation and food. The exact amount will depend on car and tent sharing arrangements.

After 10 January 2013:

50 OMR for the first two days on campus.

Desert camp tour as above, depending on availability.

Additional banquet ticket: 20 OMR.

Additional desert camp participants: same price as other participants.


Please indicate whether you would like to stay in the university guest house. The price is approx 25 OMR for a bedroom, and bedrooms can be shared by two people.


Please pay registration and accommodation fees at the conference. Visa and Mastercard are accepted.


Citizens from many countries can get tourist visa on arrival. Citizens from other countries may contact us to obtain an invitation letter for the visa application.