Topics of FPT-Oman 2013

To date, much of the work in parameterized algorithmics has been focused in the area of graph algorithms. However, computational complexity is an issue that arises everywhere.

The focus of the workshop is on reporting new advances regarding the parameterized computational complexity of problems in algebra, number theory, analysis, topology, game theory, geometry -- anything that takes the field into new and unexplored directions of relevance. In particular, there will be a strong focus on the interaction between parameterized complexity and algorithm engineering.

There will be few technical talks and no proceedings. We will mainly discuss (and maybe solve) problems that arise in the above mentioned areas. We expect the discussions and presentations at the workshop to be rich with possibilities for further development of entire research areas, and programmatic themes that can be developed into future research proposals.


Important Dates

Early registration: 10 January 2013
Workshop: 18-22 February 2013
Post-Workshop Tour: 24-26 February 2013